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Knelson series centrifuge concentrator

knelson series centrifuge concentrator

knelson series centrifuge concentrator

knelson series centrifuge concentrator

knelson series centrifuge concentrator

The gold separating machine auto discharge Kneleson contrator are used in alluvial sand gold mine,it's also a good performacne in separating natural gold in rockmine and tailings after separating of mineral.

Working principle

Gold separating machine Kneleson contrator is enhanced gravity centrifugal gold equipment based on the principle. In the high times enhanced gravity field, gravity difference proportion and the proportion of small mineral is greatly enlarged, which makes the separation of heavy minerals are more easily than the natural gravity field; and the material bed special design of retaining structure, the flow of water patented technologies and interaction of interference settling down, can continue to maintain a loose state. Under the above conditions, heavy mineral particles can replace the light mineral particles occupy in the sorting bed position and retained, light mineral particles as tailings are discharged, so as to realize the mineral particles by gravity separation.

Gold separating machine Kneleson contrator in the product operation, the acceleration of gravity acceleration up to 60 times the enrichment cone or higher, when the pulp into the enrichment cone bottom, effect of slurry under the centrifugal force was thrown to the inner wall of the cone enrichment, and along the inner wall of the upward movement, at the same time by the water inlet hole cone continuous enrichment to make the bed in the cone of injection flow fluidization. In the action of centrifugal force and hydraulic recoil under radial resistance of single gold and other heavy mineral particles can overcome water, centrifugal sedimentation or drilling gap settlement in the bed. While the gangue mineral concentrate because of the less affected by centrifugal force, hydraulic recoil effect hard to overcome the axial force in the axial flow force and centrifugal force Together to promote the discharge of enrichment cone into tailings





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