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Container Loading:Mobile gold mining machine send

gold mining machine in container

Above picture is the CAD container loading 2*40OH shipment to Indonesia.

The disassembled mobile gold mining machine withcentrifugal concentrator car as below,as the dimension is big it need to be assembled into parts before container loading then after arrvied to workstie then our engineer technical guide to installate,responsible for the trail run and adjustment,dispose the preproducing problems and when it works normally he came back to our company.This plant use 1 set 1200#gold mining machine of centrifugal concentrator automatic discharge type to get tinny gold(gold nugget get by fixed gold sluice).

Comparing with Vertical Knelson series centrifuge

Horizontal knelson series centrifuge gold concentrator

         Vertical  knelson series centrifuge gold concentrator

The system

PLC conctrol

Handling control


Automatic discharge

Handling discharge

The shaft

Horizontal(shaft 2sides fixed)

Vertical(buttom sidefixting)


Long(working life)

Normal(working life)

The installation

No need seeking ground level

Need seeking ground level


Sand pump(easily control the feeding concentration

By gravity feeding(cann’t control the feeding concentration)


Above 90%


Application field

Good peformance in jolting surrounding such as mobile
gold separating car,gold dredger etc

Cann’t work in jolting surroundings.

Biggest capacity model

1200# or bigger capacity need  customized



 mobile gold mining machine

mobile gold mining machine chasismobile gold  trommel chasisgold trommel







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