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mobile gold separating car

mobile gold separating car

mobile gold separating car

mobile gold separating car

The Introduction

we have 2types trommel screen mobile gold separating car,one type fixed reamers and the other without reamers,it depends on your gold mine which type is suitable.The one with reamers is a good performance to mineral minxture with clay,it can ream and wash the clay out then get a good reslut and recovery of gold.

The smart movable trommel screen gold mining machine is designed&manufactured by ourselves,improving our technology by service aftersales and advice of customers etc,now it’s advanced and well-rounded technology in china.

This type of machine can be feed by wheel loader or excavators,which is widely used in gravel sand mine,tailings of rock gold mine etc.


It can be easily feed by excavators or other types

It can be easily moved&circled in 180 degree

The Tyre we are using forklift type which can be usd in a long time

The inner of trommel screen increased numbers of reamer so it can be worked in high effciency

Water washing: washing on top of hopper the then pushing the mixture to flow to the screen,washing inmiddle of screen which is the most principal,washing in screen outside it can clean the materila carefully and invoid the gamblingplug.

The movable gold trommel screen machine contained the reamer separating,water separating and diesel power,it works only need connecting the water

It can be works with centrifuge concentrator,sulice,gold chute etc.





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